Asatru-EU Network (AEU) is an informal association of heathen/poytheistic groups and individuals from many European countries.

We started as a group of friends around 2004, visiting each other's gatherings and meetings. In 2006 we started calling this group Asatru-EU Network. And we had the vision of an international gathering of heathens from everywhere, lasting for a week.

From this arose IASC, the International Asatru Summer Camp that has happened four times by now: 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018.

Right from the start we also had a clear vision of heathenry that is not based on restrictions and boundaries. We draw this open and inclusive approach from mythical as well as scientific sources and in 2015 we wrote a mission statement that is further evolving.

Although we are primarily based in Europe, we are closely co-operating with other individuals and groups throughout the world.