Frith Forge 2020

  • You are invited to Frith Forge 2020!

    Frith Forge is the international conference by and for inclusive Heathen (i.e. Germanic and Norse pagan traditions) organizations, kindreds, and individuals!

    This second edition of Frith Forge, hosted at Raven's Knoll in Canada, provides the space and time in our otherwise crowded agendas to build alliances, understanding, and friendships among us on an international, regional and local level. It's a unique opportunity to discuss inclusivity in religion and to promote cultural, religious, and educational exchange. Let's learn from each other, to forge frith among us. During four full days and five nights, participants can enjoy lectures, groups discussions workshops and rituals. Of course there will also be time for relaxing and connecting with fellow heathens from around the world!

    The idea is half of each day will be filled with educational and intellectually stimulating Seed Presentations followed by group discussion. The other half of the day is more for free play, ritual, and fun!

    Thus far the Frith Forge committee is considering a variety of possible themes. One for each of the four full days:
    Sunday Theme:

    What is Frith Forge? Why are we inclusive?

    Monday Theme:

    Political Heathenry. Why are we political?

    Tuesday Theme:

    International Heathenry. What does that mean for us?

    Wednesday Theme:

    Heathen Theology, and Interfaith.


    Would you know more?

    The conference starts on Sunday August 16th at 08:30am, and ends on Thursday August 20th at 11:00am.

    If you are interested in presenting, please you may submit a proposal here before March 31, 2020.

    Workshop and ritual proposals will be due closer to the event date. The sooner the better before space fills up.

    You may purchase tickets at

    Register early to reserve a cabin!

    Frith Forge Travel Assistance:

    The Frith Forge committee, with the help of a generous donor, is able to offer a flat contribution toward the air fare of 400 euros for flights from Europe for not more than 7 participants. We will prioritize people who participated at Frith Forge 2017 and/or participated at Asatru-EU meeting 2019 in Norway. Applications need to be received by March 31, 2020 and decisions will be made shortly thereafter by the donor. You can submit travel assistance requests here.

    Here is the Facebook event page for Frith Forge:

    In Frith and Service,

    Amanda Leigh-Hawkins

    International Relations and Exchange Program Coordinator at The Troth

    #FrithForge #InclusiveHeathenry